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FINE Dining


Lucca is the only restaurant in Ensenada where you can have a locally gourmet dinner.


Inspired Market Kitchen, that's our specialty. It is that every day dishes are created according to the fresh ingredients that the Executive Chef Juan Alvarez finds on the market with exceptional conditions to be served in Lucca, which is why we can never repeat a dish, much less have a generic menu.

In Lucca the chef prepares each one of the dishes according to your preferences.

Can you imagine a restaurant where the menu is a blackboard on which is advertised solely fresh ingredients so you can create with the chef your own dish? Why not ask for a swordfish bathed in a white wine reduction with essence of habanero chili and a touch of citrus, or start creating a scallop ceviche with strawberries, ginger and capers?

Yes, for that matter, in Lucca you can choose from abalone, lobster, shrimp, or fish, or any cut of meat, duck or quail and chef Juan Alvares will draw up a dish according to your taste and preference. There is no basis saucer, never repeated. All dishes are made especially for you at that moment

Our Executive Chef.

Juan Álvarez Santos, is a native of Acapulco Guerrero, his career has been nationally and internationally, He is characterized by respecting the fresh ingredientes and the cult sense of the kitchen in the composition of its dishes, caring that each one of them harmonize to explode on the palate with a range of bold flavors.

Just 50 minutes from Tijuana to Ensenada- inside of Casa Natalie a Small Luxury Boutique Hotel Lucca is located a restaurant that breaks the stereotype of the hotel restaurants, leading to a unique concept: food that suits your palate.

The chef’s absolute creative freedom results in dishes that will lead to unexpected sensations, and originality leaving you astonished again and again.

For an explosive pairing select a wine from the extensive wine selection that Lucca offers. Over 950 bottles of local region wine.

After dinner enjoy a drink at the Lucca Lounge and enjoy the good things of life.